Reach Out. Connect.
Embrace Wellness.

El Dorado County, California, USA

Self -Wellness Week

October 14-18, 2019

Over the past two years, the Commissioners have focused on the importance of supporting mental health awareness and needs of their peers. Their research and firsthand exposure illustrates a growing number of youth struggle with mental health concerns.

The need for students to embrace wellness, reach out for help when they need it and break the stigma surrounding mental health discussions is evident. The Commission promotes that good health is as much about mental, emotional and spiritual state as it is physical condition.

As such, they have worked with County leadership to declare October 14-18 Self-Wellness Week. The goal of this student-driven self-wellness week is to help create a community culture where reaching out for support and connecting with a peer or professional when you're feeling overwhelmed should be as normal and acceptable as going to the doctor when you have the flu. 

This outreach event was made possible by the generous financial support of the El Dorado County Office of Education Charter Extended Day Program and Boys & Girls Club El Dorado County Western Slope. 

Let's create a culture the promotes wellness and connection and creates healthier El Dorado County youth.

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