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Wellness Week

The El Dorado County Youth Commission is a group of dedicated high school students appointed by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors and El Dorado County Office of Education to represent the voice of local youth.


Over the past few years, the Youth Commission has focused on the importance of supporting the mental health awareness and needs of their peers. They have found that a staggering (and growing) number of youth struggle with mental health concerns. Additionally, the global pandemic, distance learning and isolation from their peers has increased stress levels for all. There is no better, or more necessary, time to promote wellness amongst our youth. As such, the El Dorado County Youth Commission is requesting support of and participation in our fourth county-wide Student Wellness Week in the 2022/2023 school year. The dates are still TBD. 

The Commission promotes that good health is as much about mental, emotional and spiritual state as it is physical condition. The goal of this student-driven wellness week is to raise awareness to the importance of embracing wellness, and to help create a community culture where reaching out for support when you're feeling overwhelmed should be as normal and acceptable as going to the doctor when you have the flu.


Recognizing that wellness looks different at every grade level, optional participation is outline by grade level. Your school campus will embrace what works best for their community.

  • Elementary School (grades TK - 5)

    • The Youth Commission is donating 2 books promoting self-wellness (social emotional learning) to ED County elementary school campuses.

    • Principals and/or Librarians are encouraged to read/share/livestream on social media or google classroom the books during Wellness Week.

    • Please consider use the recommended daily announcements and social media posts (linked below) to encourage student awareness and participation in wellness activities.

  • Middle School & High School (grades 5/6 - 12)

    • The Youth Commission will deliver wristbands and water bottle stickers to participating campuses for school leadership/ASB/administration to distribute to students and staff. Wristbands can be worn all week as a reminder to prioritize wellness.

    • Please consider sharing the Commission's daily videos and/or the images with captions with campuses. 


Thanks to the generous support from the  El Dorado County Boys and Girls Club El Dorado County Western Slope, the total costs of this outreach week has been covered.


It is an honor to represent local youth and bring awareness to the importance of wellness among county students.

Wellness Week Days & Activities:

Downloadable video announcements:

The videos below have the option to share or download. 

Downloadable images with captions:

The images below have the option to share or download. Social media captions for each of the day can be copy and pasted from online, HERE. 

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